High Rise Window Cleaning

Highrise window cleaning is another game all together in comparison to commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning. Even if you are the most steadfast of do-it-yourselfers, your property management won't just let you attach a rope to the top of your building and rappel yourself down to your windows---and we hope you wouldn't want to anyway!

Windows in high rise buildings are exposed to many pollutants and corrosive materials from the air, rain, and even jet fuel. Here in south Florida, you can add the strong sub-tropical sun beating down on your windows almost every day of the year, and you have the recipe for deep staining and permanent damage. It is recommended to have the exterior of your high rise windows cleaned at minimum twice per year to protect their longevity (four times if the windows are new while the sealant is still setting). Properly maintained windows can last many years, and the cost of cleaning them regularly will pay for itself 10 times over compared to the cost of having to purchase and install new windows because of lack of care.

Have your windows cleaned at least twice a year to prevent:

  1. Salt and Hard Water Staining
  2. Window Spotting
  3. Premature Window Replacement
  4. Exterior Window Discoloring

High Rise window washing will not only keep your windows crystal clear and protected, it will add show value to your property. There are plenty of buildings in downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale where window neglect is visible, with yellowing, cracking and spotting in plain sight, devaluing the curb appeal of the properties. Our high rise window cleaning services are affordable and add value. All you need to do is to pick up the phone and have us come provide you a free estimate. We will work directly with your property management to arrange to use their window cleaning hardware or use our own if need be. Have those enviously clean windows you've always wanted, give us a call today!

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